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The Ace of Spades Hunt is a project which explores social issues through gaming. The game takes the format of a treasure hunt and is taking place in London from March 17th 2010. The gameplay is partly based on the idea of geocaching and uses co-ordinates. Each set of co-ordinates leads the player to the next step where they will find a new set of co-ordinates in a phone box. There will be six of these stages and each one is in very close proximity to a tube station. At the seventh stage the player has to search for their prize in a public space (still in London).

If you are currently playing the game and have any questions to ask please don’t hesitate to email us at

If you are not currently playing the game but would like to, please also free to email us so that we can send you the starting co-ordinates.

Finally, everyone that takes parts, gets a mini reward as a thank you!

Rules & Tips

1. Once you find the co-ordinates, make a note of them, and please leave the original clues where you found them.

2. These will lead you to the next location, leading you closer to the treasure.

3. Should you decide to quit at any stage, get in touch and let us know where you reached, there may be a little something in it for you..

4. Have fun!


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